The Soul Shines Through Book


Mac Powell and Keith Ogorek's new book, "The Soul Shines Through - The Surprising Spiritual Influences on Famous Artists", is now available!

Drawing from research and visits to multiple museums, the co-authors share unexpected details about the lives and work of Van Gogh, Picasso, Warhol and Chagall and how their work was impacted by spiritual truths. 

Readers will learn that Van Gogh was a failed missionary, Picasso made a bargain with God for the life of his sister, Warhol attended Mass nearly every day and Chagall raised as Russian Jew painted multiple works including the Crucifixion. Furthermore the book helps readers understand how the artists upbringing and interaction with spiritual truths had a profound influence on their work even if it might not be immediately evident.

"Our hope is that as readers learn the life stories of the artists and the time at which they created the art, they will have new appreciation of the works and see them in a new and exciting way,” Powell shared.

The book also includes nearly 50 full color images of paintings and prints and stained glass which will help readers see even more clearly how Biblical teachings and lessons influenced the work of these artist especially at the later stages of their careers.

Ogorek added, “As we did our research for this book, we experienced a number of “aha” moments, which is what we think readers will also have as they enjoy the book.

About The Authors:

Mac Powell is a founding member of the Christian band, Third Day, which sold more than 10 million albums, earned four Grammy Awards and 24 Dove Awards. Since Third Day’s farewell tour in 2018, Mac has continued a solo career and visited art museums any chance he gets. Keith Ogorek is President of The Author Learning Center. He has written three other books and gives tours of his local art museum any chance he gets.